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Tanaghom academy

Tanaghom Academy specialized in the delivering and organizing training courses in the field of peace and conflict transformation in cooperation with a group of experts and specialized trainers in this field.

Tanaghom objectives

· Raising awareness and Building a common analysis of a number of conflicts in middle east, and generate ideas of how to address them.

· Build team spirit between participants.

· Building alumni of young Arab youth for conflict transformation.

· Understand the basic principles needed for dialogue and coexistence.

· Support and develop efforts to manage inter-community tensions on the local and national levels.

· Open a new field of interest for conflict transformation post graduate studies at the designated universities.

Training methodology

The Academy’s training methodology is based on informal education approach , an interactive methodology that allows the widest possible participation through working groups, psychodrama, role plays, artistic and social activities. Working groups are the mainstay of the training process in addition to educational games and group discussions.

Training Academy

Provide training opportunities for young people

Provide the opportunity for young people interested in the field of conflict transformation through summer training through the Summer School to transform the conflicts carried out by the Academy annually.

Creating a common and collective understanding

The Academy seeks to develop a common and collective understanding in the form of initiatives to transform the conflict in the Middle East

Develop and strengthen a mechanism for conflict transformation

Contribute to the promotion of peace between social groups of different visions. This is achieved through the development and strengthening of a mechanism to transform the conflict in the Arab region.

Tanaghom Trainers

He trains a number of experienced trainers

Participants' comments

َAmal - Tunisia

Tanaghom school gave me the opportunity to share my experiences with others and to listen to their experiences too. It is inspired me to launch initiative in my country.

Abdullah Al-Sabbagh - Syria

I participated in the Tanaghom School, summer  2016. it was my first experience in the field of dialogue and conflict resolution. It was the beginning of my journey in this  field to understand what is happening in my country and in Arab region. It was useful and valuable contribution to my knowledge. The diversity of  participants who were from several countries helped me to learn about other cultures.

Makarious - Egypt

Tanaghom is not just a professional school for dialogue and coexistence, "Tanaghom school" is a true life experience of coexistence between different nationalities and ideologies. Because of "Tanaghom school", I realized that diversity is valuable and positively dealing with it is the best way to coexist.

Mina - Egypt

Before attending Tanaghom school I thought that conflict is just a difference of views then I learned during Tanaghom school to look from different angles and look for its main causes and use different techniques to deal with it.



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